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Jenny Munford Is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Empowering Speaker, and Life Coach

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Jenny Munford is a visionary businesswoman, empowering speaker, and a coach for entrepreneurs.

Based in Carlsbad, California, Jenny Munford continually strives to promote creative spontaneity and freedom of expression through her diverse ventures. Jenny was the CEO and COO of Campaign House, a fully integrated retail CPG advertising agency which delivered revolutionary advertising campaigns across multiple media platforms. In this capacity, she worked to build brand equity and drive retail sales of an impressive cache of clients, including Fortune 500 companies. In 2011, Jenny was awarded the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  

Today, Jenny has dedicated her life to working with entrepreneurs across the world to succeed in today’s competitive business climate.

Jenny Munford learned of the effects of stress on our minds and bodies through personal experience. She has leveraged this knowledge in order to help others with mental performance, building a career in speaking and coaching. Jenny firmly believes that there is a method to dealing with pressure and stress, which doesn’t involve merely shutting everything down. She advocates for a system that allows people to remain creative and productive, while preserving their mental health. One of the added strains on modern life comes from excessive uses of technology: people are constantly wired to their devices, making a separation between work and personal lives nearly impossible. Work bleeds into “me” time with connections to the digital world making it increasingly more difficult to separate our lives from our personal lives, dramatically reducing productivity.

Through her work as a coach and speaker, Jenny Munford strives to help people organize their minds, and lessen the constant stress that interferes with their work. Jenny teaches people to tap into their creativity in order to connect with their minds, which in turn helps them to become increasingly inventive and productive. Working smartly is absolutely vital: without the mental strength to distance oneself from pressure and constant digital communication, it becomes nearly impossible to succeed.

When Jenny looked back on how she arrived at success, she realized that she could always visualize the big picture, but since she had lost her vision and was burnt out she could not physically or mentally execute her plan of action and achieve results. Unfortunately, no one in the coaching or consulting industry knew how to advise her that it was time to take a break and create a new vision, or help her take a step back and reignite her passion to bring her old vision to life. It is her goal to be that person for other entrepreneurs. Once she burned out she had to lift herself out of a black hole and the way she did that was by finding her vision again. She wants to help people reflect and analyze their big picture and from this, create a vision strategy program to turn their ideas into action into results. Jenny wants to give others the tools to wake up and move forward with their vision, advising on what steps to take to achieve results, as well as knowing when it is time to walk away and start a new journey.

Jenny Munford Helps Turn Vision Into Results

Jenny Munford specializes in advising entrepreneurs and business executives. Most entrepreneurs fail, not due to lack of money, but because of the pressure they put on themselves. Jenny is on a mission to fix that, so she coaches professionals in the difficult art of remaining calm, collected and strategic in their work. People must visualize and execute, without allowing their emotions to get the best of them. One key piece of advice in working towards this goal is to consistently unplug from one’s connection to the digital world so that it’s not the first thing you do immediately as you wake up in the morning. Many people inadvertently neglect their spouses and families in favor of responding to emails from work.

Jenny holds that maintaining a connection with yourself and your loved ones should remain your first priority. The human spirit is made to learn and grow, and she strives to help this process with her coaching.