Sometimes in business and life, we simply try too hard. Have you ever at any point thought that you were doing something that wasn’t coming off the precise way you wanted to? If you have, then it doesn’t pay off to do the same thing over and over again and expect results. What you need at that point is a paradigm shift.

Is it getting to a point where you feel you are doing far more than you should with little in the way of rewards? Are you thinking “boy, I’m getting too tired at the end of the day and I can’t exactly see the output?” Or maybe you are like the rest of us; looking for that one way to work less and keep trotting to the bank.

See, the problem is that we were all raised to believe that nothing can ever go right unless we work extremely hard. Not to say that hard work doesn’t pay off or anything like that, but there is another way, always another way; manifesting your desires.

Manifesting your desires in life is not exactly rocket science. Sometimes, all you need to think about is what you want and if you get that right, the results simply show up. I have to admit that I did not know what this was until I realized that I was actually always doing it at a subconscious level. The key lies in knowing that you actually have this power and learning the ropes when it comes to harnessing it. When you know what to do, your life in general becomes a whole lot easier than you thought it could ever be.

Let’s get a little something out of the way; we are always manifesting, but the problem with random manifesting is that you end up visualizing what you don’t need. Focus is the peg on which this whole act is hung; you will need a focused mindset to get things done.

Below is my self-crafted guide on how to manifest anything you want:

  1. Know precisely what you want

How can you choose when you don’t know what you want? The mind and body need to be in sync for things to happen. You will need to sift through a multitude of ideas to know what you really want. You can narrow it down to the T by writing things down then taking a look at what you need to prioritize.

  1. Make the conscious decision that you can have whatever it is you set out to get

A decision needs to be made about your sense of belief in what you want. You will need to tell yourself that you can actually go out there and have a go at what you feel is yours. The thing about manifesting our desires is that once the decision is made, the universe conspires to make things happen, and the pace can be maddeningly fast at times.

  1. Know how things come to pass is not your decision to make, but the universe’s.

Do not split hairs trying to figure out how the things you believe in will come to pass. Once you have believed and made that decision at a conscious level, the order of things is not within your hands. All you need to do is wait and stay focused. Do not buy into the school of thought that believes that for what we want to happen to actually happen, we need to force things. The universe can never be coerced into working for us; it is a force larger than us, but the beauty of it all is that it can actually submit to our gentle egging-on.

  1. Trust that it will be done.

You do not have to see the results of your manifestation to believe that what you have asked for will come along, no sir. What is needed here is a calm sense of trust in the fact that beneath the surface, things are working toward a grand ending. As the days roll by, you will tend to become more and more excited about your prospects. The universe loves to be believed, and it delivers when we show that element of trust in its abilities. The results of trust manifest themselves in the form of handy people and amazing opportunities.

  1. Focus on your thoughts.

Your thoughts are at the core of it all. If you allow every waking moment of your life to be about having things and not suffering want, then you will get those things. Negative thoughts create negative energy, and negative energy comes with negative manifestation. Here is a simple example; if your desire is to get more money from the work you do, then always think about having more and not less. Even if the dictates of the present moment are not what you would like, will your mind to focus in what is good and believe that it can be done.

  1. Keep your vibration right up there.

You need to feel good about your prospects. As much you can, try to stay cheerful and generally high on emotions. Positive emotions like happiness, hope and excitement tend to push you closer to your desires. However, if you are low on emotion (sad, angry, skeptical), then you are going to find getting where you want an uphill climb. High vibrations give us a feel-good factor and assure us things will work out. Engage in activities that cheer you up and as much as you can, steer clear of negativity. If your train of thought veers off course and gives you a negative vibe, haul it back on the feel-good wagon.

  1. Show your belief through actions of faith.

Trust is a very fluid concept. Just saying that you have trust is not enough. You need to show it in the things you say and do. Faith and trust need a little bit of action to go. Act as if what you wanted has already come to pass, and the universe will be jumping through hoops trying to make it happen.

What do you want to manifest today? Make that choice, and the dominoes will simply fall into place.